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Lock Face

20130629 Lock Face 150x150 Lock FaceHello all! Apologies for the  lack of updates; the man had some IT issues and his laptop hasn’t been working properly for a while, meaning I couldn’t edit submitted photographs.  Anyway, we’re back in business and here is a picture sent in by the Nicotra family.  There was no accompanying email but there appears to be a cylinder lock with a couple of screws.  Is it a door lock?  Is it something else??  Who knows… but it’s mouth is slightly open and its lower jaw detached from its face like a Canadian in South Park. 🙂  And he has a bit of a Redneck tooth going on.

Thanks very much for your submission! 🙂

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X-Ray Tube Housing Face

20130322 X Ray Tube Housing Face 150x150 X Ray Tube Housing FaceThis picture was sent in by Gav sometime ago.  I’ve been quite busy lately and the man has been hogging his/my laptop so I’ve not been able to upload anything.  Gav does stuff with X-Rays and breasts somewhere in or near Guildford… or maybe that’s just where he lives.  I’m not sure what he does either.  I think he might be developing x-ray specs so he can see through clothes and look at breasts…  I don’t know.  Anyway, he writes:

“Oi oi – Have some of this.  My new job is giving me faces all over the place.  This is an X-ray tube/housing, if you were wondering.”

Very good and many thanks!

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I See Faces and so does Greg James

20120211 Crying Baboon Face Bathroom Door 150x150 I See Faces and so does Greg James

Dan from Cornwall sent in a picture of his bathroom door, showing a face of a crying baboon.  It’s a beauty and the story behind it is equally intriguing and totally insane, you wouldn’t believe it.

On Tuesday last week I was on my way from Bristol to Cornwall on business, passing through Hayle.  Sometime earlier in the day I had noticed an email notification come up on my phone as I was driving.  The sender was Dan and the email subject read “Crying Baboon”.  I thought it was a friend of mine sending me a funny link – you know, the chain emails that get send round – and thought nothing of it.

As I entered Hayle from the north I noticed a few shops and some of the names registered as I drove along the waterfront and reminisced about a holiday in Hayle a couple of years ago.

Anyone familiar with the town will know the car park adjacent the old railway viaduct near the old castle – the site of a former gas works, I believe.  I parked up to devour my home-made dietetic lunch of gluten-free Edam and pickle sandwiches before continuing my journey.

Greg James

Later that day when I got home I had a good look at the email on my laptop and noticed that the email address contained the name of a shop.  Not just any shop – it was one that I had noticed driving through Hayle earlier.

It transpired that Dan was based in Hayle, I had probably driven past him twice earlier in the day and he had been listening to Greg James on Radio 1.  I had never heard of Greg James, as I haven’t listened to Radio 1 for over a decade but he was running a feature on spotting faces in object.  On checking my web stats I noticed a huge spike in traffic and a doubling of baseline traffic all week.

Do you see faces?

So, it seems I have been piggybacking on a surge of people searching for the term “I See Faces” on Google.  Vic Suckerbag is exteremely happy.  If you have seen faces in objects, send them in and I will post them on here.

Happy snapping!

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A mixed bag

20110306 Smiling Paper Bag 150x150 A mixed bag

Hello everybody!  Yes I’m still alive!  Unfortunately I have been incredibly busy in the last 6 days with not a single night to myself – not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.  Normally I post updates on Thursdays but I was out. 🙂

I know everyone is eager to see more posts, so I’m going to make it up to you by posting five pictures this week (including this one).  I am actually busy again most days next week, but through the magic of scheduling I can write my posts now and make it appear as if I’m actually posting at a later date and you’ll be none the wiser! 😉  Incidentally, I’ve noticed I’ve got some fans in South Korea – that’s great!  If you’re one of them, please post a comment – it would be great to hear from you!

The last 6 days have been hectic and a mixed bag – they have been up and down but at least I’ve had four consecutive days off and one more tomorrow before it’s back to the grind, including a meeting in north Wales…

Last Thursday I bought a new jacket to replace my old one, the zip of which had completely broken.  My friend had to unzip me in the middle of a restaurant on Monday night, which was a bit embarrassing.  The chicken wings made up for it though.  New coat on Thursday, but by Friday one of the pop fasteners had come off… They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Also on Friday, I finally reformatted my laptop (hence no posts until now) in anticipation of reinstalling Windows 7.  I had ordered a recovery disc from Toshiba, as my laptop shipped with Windows 7 preinstalled but only a Windows XP recovery disc.  Unfortunately I found out they had sent me the wrong disc so it’s back to XP for the time being.

In a way these trivial little things are a metaphor for life: Setbacks happen – that’s life and nothing is perfect.  That said, the concept of perfection depends on your frame of reference.  Take the concept of a “perfect” apple: there is no such thing, as every specimen will be blemished in some way.  But wait a second… apples are natural objects and this is what happens to things in the natural world: they decay, get blemished, have discolorations and natural variations.  It is a law of nature.  A corollary of this is that every single specimen of apple, disfigured or otherwise, is still an apple and is doing exactly what an apple in the natural world is “meant” to do, ie. decay, get blemished, etc.  Therefore, surely the perfect apple is the typical apple, which is in fact, any apple.  It if were unblemished, perfectly spherical and #ff0000; (that’s an HTML reference for all the geeks out there) it wouldn’t be an apple.

If it weren’t for setbacks and solving problems, my job as structual engineer running projects and designing solutions wouldn’t exist.  Retail space, student residences, pumping stations, offices and defence-related infrastructure would simply appear out of nowhere, which would defy the laws of thermodynamics.

I like a challenge, but I do like it when things just happen.  Sometimes things happen for a reason though, even if the reason isn’t always immediately obvious.  I lost my job over a year ago because of the recession but actually ended up in a better role and it has done me good. 

Good things come to those who wait, and the makers of a certain brand of beer would agree.  You waited, but surely this picture of a happy smiling paper bag was worth it, no?  Still it begs the question as to what benefit I stand to gain from Toshiba’s mix-up.  In the end it is best not to ask and simply get on with life and keep smiling.  Life’s always a mixed bag but that’s what makes it worth living.  Take your bag and put a smile on it! 🙂

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