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Bag lady

20101016 Handbag 300x225 Bag ladyI looked at my friend’s handbag in the pub the other and noticed it staring back at me. Its lips look wrinkled, rather like an elderly lady. Bag + Lady = Bag Lady. What else can I say?

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Marketing Secrets

20101008 Dyson Airblade 300x225 Marketing SecretsThat James Dyson guy is a pretty clever chap: Take a tried and tested appliance, turn it into a frog-like face with pursed lips and market it as something high-tech! Seriously though, I think these Airblades are pretty good and they look quite sexy too. Yeah, you know they do! I find they work best if you stick your hands in from the side. Stick them in from the top and you get a blast of air propelling water droplets up your sleeves. There’s nothing worse than wet sleeves. Well, there’s plenty: war, famine, poverty… But you know what I mean.

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