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Kopi Luwak

20130911 Starbucks Coffee Grinder Face 150x150 Kopi LuwakJen from London sent in this image.  It is a photograph of a photograph.  Jen says, “The picture is a photo I took of a sign on the side of a  drive thru, yes, drive thru, Starbucks shop. At Stansted airport. Are there copyright issues here??”

Well, I’d say they are getting free advertising out of this…  I have never heard of a coffee drive thru/drive through…  That’s pretty lazy, yet very convenient.  I wonder if they sell Kopi Luwak.  On my home planet we have something similar called Aqh’KapoH.  It’s basically Vaxian coffee beans eaten by blue Vaxians.  We superior red Vaxians hunt them down and slaughter them, grind up their bodies and make a drink out of the blue powder.  It’s disgusting but a lot of fun to make for all the family!

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Did I mention bacon?

20130911 Yorkshire Pudding Face 150x150 Did I mention bacon?This picture of a Yorkshire pudding (at least I think that’s what it is) was sent in by Jen from London and was taken by a friend or acquaintance of hers.  I have never had a Yorkshire pudding and the chances of having one any time soon are pretty slim; the man is gluten intolerant and I’m not sure you can make Yorkshires out of gluten-free flour.  Maybe you can.  If you have a recipe, maybe you can send me a link.

This “pudding” is very happy, despite the fact that it is a little bit burnt on one side.  I’m not criticising the chef; merely making an observation.  I quite like things well done: bacon, bacon, bacon, erm… bacon… did I mention bacon?

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Remember Movember

20121205 Lights face movember 150x150 Remember MovemberRemember Movember?  It’s December already and today the crazy Dutch celebrate Sinterklaas – it’s like Christmas, only more racist and naughty kids get kidnapped by a Bishop who lives in Spain…

Anyway, Movember.  I tried to do Movember this year but Vaxians can’t grow moustaches.  I grew some hair around my schlong instead but didn’t raise any money for charity.  In fact, it wasn’t specifically for Movember; I’m just lazy and couldn’t be arsed to trim.

This picture was sent in by Jen in London.  It shows two lights and a dangly thing that looks like a nose (that Gonzo the Great would be proud of).  If you look closely at the pattern in the wallpaper in the background you will see something that resembles a Village People style moustache.  Either very “biker”, or very camp.  I can’t decide.  Nice one, Jen!

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Docklands Robot

20121104 Docklands light railway robot face 150x150 Docklands RobotA new face spotter in London by the name of Marc sent me this picture of one of those thingies “wot” holds rails in place.  It’s on the DLR, or Docklands Light Railway, in London and Marc sees a robot.  I do too!

I love robots because they are not human.  That’s why I love cats.  I know humans feed both cats and Vaxians but I don’t don’t like the way the man always stamps on my eye.  It does turn me on – but only because it’s my power switch.  Great spot Marc!  If you find more please send them in and spread the love!

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Docklands Light Railway

20120901 DLR docklands railway clips face 150x150 Docklands Light Railway

Sisters Jennie and Sal were out and about in London and spotted a number of faces.  Here’s the first one (or two, really).  Jennie writes:

“Sal spotted these troublesome two on the Docklands Light Railway line in Stratford.

It sounded as if they were arguing about who should be on top.  Little did they know if they’d have swapped over it woulda caused major delays on the line.”

More to come soon!  Thanks Jen and Sal!

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