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Ancient Technology

20130730 Gear stick afro face 150x150 Ancient TechnologyJen sent in another image and wrote: “I’ve had my freelance photographer, Gary, scouring the country for faces and this is all he’s found…. Basically it is some sort of hydraulic handbrake knob with an Afro. I suppose it was a good ‘spot’ as it’s quite a small face. So there…..maybe u could post a diagram to show the workings of such a device?”

I really like this picture and I like the idea of posting the workings of this device, but I don’t know how ancient technology works.  I don’t understand cars; they are rather primitive…

Great spot, Gary and many thanks for submitting it, Jen!


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Little Squirt

20130730 Fire hydrant face 150x150 Little SquirtSal sent in another picture, or more accurately, she tagged me in one on Facebook.  The caption read, “Vic, [I] went to Southend on sea and this little squirt was in the arcades!!! It’s a fire hydrant!!!!”

That’s the most colourful and high tech fire hydrant I have ever seen.  It’s a very good spot.  Many thanks Sal!

Vic Suckerbag

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The Scream!

20121104 Isle of Wight scream pebble face 150x150 The Scream!Our honorary London correspondent sent in this picture of a pebble she saw in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.  She says, “It looks a bit like the scream picture”.  It does indeed!  Not just from a composition point of view but also stylistically with all the psychedelic colours and so on.

It’s a good spot!

Many thanks from iseefaces.co.uk HQ!

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Where’s Wally?

On Tuesday a fine human female – or so I understand; humans disgust me (especially the editor) – called Emily sent me an email with a couple of photographs attached.  Emily (the Vaxian equivalent of which is Q’ahmahx) is a Bristol-based food blogger and runs the very successful Bristol Bites website.  As I understand it, Em was out hunting wild boar, catching salmon and gathering pots of Onken yoghurt in the Yeo Valley earlier in the week (okay, that’s all lies apart from the Yeo Valley bit) and somehow ended up with the mahusive bowl of salad shown below.

 20120531 Salad Bowl 1024x682 Wheres Wally?

In her email she challenged me to spend some time looking at the photograph to see whether I could spot the face – a bit like Where’s Wally? (or Where’s Waldo? if you’re American or Canadian) or the alternative popular book Where’s Bin Laden?  The latter comes with a very cool Fresnel magnifying glass.

Despite clear instructions in the email, the editor failed (EPIC FAIL!) and scrolled straight down to the second photograph revealing the answer.  It’s a bit like when you tell someone, “Don’t look at that man over there with the big nose and orange toupée …”  In the editor’s defence the answer was kind of given away in the instructions.  But the editor is still a tosser.  Where’s Wally?  There’s the wally…

So, take a couple of minutes and see if you can spot the face.  Then scroll down.  I’ll go and raid the editor’s fridge whilst you do that.  If you stare long enough you’ll see it in 3D…

…not really…

Ready? Now scroll down for the reveal.





[keep scrolling]





…and here it is. Très cool, n’est-ce pas?  [Cue: Ja, for shure!].  Many thanks Emilyna! 😉

20120531 Tomato face Wheres Wally?

Have you seen a face anywhere?  Send it to me or the editor.  Don’t forget to follow the editor on Twitter. Alternatively you can add me, Vic Suckerbag, as a friend on Facebook




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