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20101031 Thekla Numerous Faces 300x225 TheklaEver been to the Thekla in Bristol? Have you ever noticed the faces with their mouths open on the top deck? The Thekla is an interesting concept and it’s a very popular venue. I have been in there a few times and it has always been absolutely rammed. The club nights are not really my scene but it’s worth going for the experience. Funnily enough, I never knew they did gigs in there until recently, when I saw The Bluetones were playing there. Sadly I had missed it by several months. I used to love The Bluetones – and still do. In fact, I love the whole era of Britpop. Ahhh… nostalgia.

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Technology overkill

20101020 Romsey Handwash Station 225x300 Technology overkillYou know those clever handwash stations, where you stick your hands in and they automatically dispense soap onto your sleeve, drench you and then proceed to apply heat to bake the soap onto your clothes? Is it me, or is it technology for the sake of it? Apart from this they have another downside to them in that the user is forced to hog one appliance for the duration of its operational sequence. In other words, whilst one person is drying their hands, the next person can’t wash theirs. A particular annoyance is when someone doesn’t finish the “drying cycle” and walks off, the dryer doesn’t seem to be clever enough to switch off and reset, so the next user must wait for the cycle to end before they can wash their hands. I have seen people not bother as a consequence. But on the upside, when framed in a certain way they have this delightful face with an open-mouthed expression. You can even see its uvula.

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Introducing Victor Suckerbag

20100926 Vacuum Cleaner 300x225 Introducing Victor Suckerbag

Drilling into MDF creates dust and I believe it’s not the most healthy of things to inhale. Fixing my mirror resulted in only minute quantities of dust but enough to warrant getting my vacuum cleaner out of hibernation. Well, he seemed delighted, if a little shocked! Good ol’ trusty Vic with his bug eyes, and gormless open mouth. I bought him from Argos several years ago and he’s still going strong. Also notice my slippers. I think they were given to me as a a birthday present a few years ago… Oh the joy. I don’t feel old enough to be getting slippers for my birthday. Saying that, I’m beginning to go thin on top. It happens to the best of us, I’m told. Hey-ho.

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First Great Western Train

20100923 Fold Down Tray 300x225 First Great Western TrainOn my daily commute to work on the train I tend to surf the web on my phone, read the news and obsessively refresh my Facebook news feed – not that much ever changes at that hour as most people are asleep or, like me, commuting to work… All that staring at my tiny Nokia E71 screen makes my eyes sore and I start seeing things when I occasionally rest my eyes. The other day I saw a fish-like creature in the fold-down tray in front of me with its mouth slightly open, as if to say, “Feed me! Feed me! I’m hungry!” Only thing is, if you try to feed it you ruin your trousers. Needless to say I didn’t. Hmmm…

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Pharmacy in the sky

20100917 Bottelinos Bedminster 300x225 Pharmacy in the sky I was on my way to Asda the other day and and looked up at the sky and noticed the tower of Bottelino’s Italian restaurant looking down at me. The slightly open round window makes it look like he’s got his mouth open, exposing his tongue. In the Netherlands they have stone or wooden figures with their mouths open outside pharmacies. They are called gapers. It kind of reminded me of that. Maybe it’s the entrance to a big pharmacy in the sky.

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