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The Scream

20130507 Recaro car seat scream face 150x150 The ScreamI have to confess I have sucked bags at uploading photographs lately.  The man has spent a lot of time with his girlfriend lately and also left the country for a few days to meet some family and friends in The Netherlands.  I have basically had the flat to myself a lot and have done very little.  I have raided the man’s fridge several times, watched Babestation (humans are disgusting) and generally not got round to posting pictures.  Anyway, Jennie sent in a picture ages ago, so here it is.  She wrote:

“Does this look like a face? It’s a Recaro car seat. A bit like a cream Scream mask from the film Scream!”  It’s a really good one, complete with nose and all.  Apologies for the delay Jen… I suck… bags.

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Watch Out Fool!

20120815 Dutch Supermarket Coconut Faces 150x150 Watch Out Fool!Was Ovide and the Gang popular in Britain?  Has anyone heard of it?  I believe it was a Belgian/Canadian collaboration and it was popular in the Netherlands back in the day.  One of the lines in the opening song went, “Kijk uit malloot, een kokosnoot”, which means, “Watch out fool, a coconut!”.  Funny how those words don’t appear in the English (Canadian) version because it wouldn’t flow or rhyme.  The English version goes, “Tough-nut Cy, he’s super sly…”

Anyway… This picture, sent in by Gideon, reminded me of that intro sequence.  The coconuts have quite cute faces, rather like me. You may think I suck, but I’m cute. Yes I am.


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Pharmacy in the sky

20100917 Bottelinos Bedminster 300x225 Pharmacy in the sky I was on my way to Asda the other day and and looked up at the sky and noticed the tower of Bottelino’s Italian restaurant looking down at me. The slightly open round window makes it look like he’s got his mouth open, exposing his tongue. In the Netherlands they have stone or wooden figures with their mouths open outside pharmacies. They are called gapers. It kind of reminded me of that. Maybe it’s the entrance to a big pharmacy in the sky.

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