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Snog a Fish Day

Snog a Fish Video Thumbnail1 150x150 Snog a Fish DayHello again and happy 14 February 2011! What’s that? Oh, I thought today was International Snog a Fish Day. On reflection, for some people this may well be the case…

Silliness aside – actually, silliness firmly centre stage – I spent yesterday afternoon rebuilding the site to accommodate the new feature I see motion, or video to you and me. First up is a clip of a fish I filmed at Cosmo, an all you can eat buffet restaurant in Bristol (England), situated on the Triangle some time ago. Around the back of the restaurant, where we sat that evening in May (or whenever it was), there is a fish tank built into the wall and there was a fish measuring approximately 7 cm (or if you’re that way inclined), stuck to the aquarium wall, exhibiting the most bizarre behaviour. Take a look for yourself – I’ll go and put the virtual kettle on…

Hello, I’m back – brew in hand… Okay, so this went on for quite some time. Either it was extremely hungry or it really wanted to snog me. Oh yeah? I think it’s abundantly clear that it was the latter and you’re just jealous! 😉 Well, for one night only we can share the love. Happy Snog a Fish Day!

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I spy…

20110130 Halogen Light Bulb 150x150 I spy...Well hello there!  A bit of admin first: We’re back and there’s a new feature!  As promised, this website is set to be about much more than just faces in inanimate objects and this is the first post in a series called “I Spy… An alternate take on reality”.  I’ve also put up another gallery and changed the menus around a bit just to annoy everyone.  🙂  This will allow for future expansion and additional features that are coming your way soon.  If you are looking for “Lolphaces” you have to navigate to “Galleries” first.

Right, admin over…  Look at the picture and what do you see?  “Why, a halogen light bulb,” I hear you cry.  You are correct and it’s a 50W one to boot.  I got a three-pack from Asda the other day, as two of the spotlights in the kitchen had blown.  Shortly after another one in the bathroom went.  Have you ever noticed how light bulbs all tend to blow at once?  I’m not an electrical engineer or an electrician, but could it be because light bulbs of the same type have a similar life span?  I tend to wait to replace light bulbs until several have gone – because I’m lazy.  Maybe it’s because when I do eventually replace them in batches they all burn out around the same time again.  Just a hypothesis.  Or maybe it’s because of an underlying electrical fault.  Answers on a postcard or in the comments below! 🙂

Okay, now it’s time to play a game of “I spy”.  Are you ready?  I spy with my little eye something beginning with “S”…  I’ll tell you: her name is Suzie Slug.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Take a good look (click picture to enlarge), but no touching! 😉  You’ll see plenty more of her later… stay tuned.

thumbs suzie slug lightbulb I spy...

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Déjà-vu? Look again…

20110123 Cool Smoking Dude 150x150 Déjà vu? Look again...It’s been a week since I last posted on here, but fear not: I am still here and there are plenty of new pictures waiting to be uploaded. As you can see I have been busy updating the site, creating a new look front page, which is more eye-catching now. Déjà vu? Seen it already? Look again… The eagle-eyed would have noticed the new feature as well: Lolphaces. To be fair, you couldn’t miss it, as there is a massive Foxtrot Oscar banner on the front page as well! A Twitter feed has been added to the bottom of the page and if you want more regular updates about this site, do join the conversation!

On the subject of déjà vus, this latest face was spotted whilst out for some drinks with a few friends about a week ago. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a cigarette bin I spotted previously and wrote about in “Smoking: a cool image?” but it is a slightly different model with rounded corners. It is probably a health & safety version for busy town centres, to prevent drunken revellers from accidentally poking their eyes out on sharp corners when they crash into it… or something. Still, you’d bruise yourself if did fall… and it would ‘kin hurt!

I remember the first time I had a deja vu. They are strange things. I must have been a four or five-year-old lad, sitting on the sofa at home somewhere in Leicestershire. As I was sitting there perched between my parents, watching TV I had a strange sensation that I had somehow “seen this before”, or “been here before”. At the time I tried to describe to my parents what I was feeling, but my dad didn’t understand. “Well, of course you’ve seen this before; we sit on the sofa pretty much every night,” came the response. Well, true, but that didn’t adequately address the point, which I – as a five-year-old – probably hadn’t made very well in the first place. This experience stayed with me for a long time, as it was something so bizarre that no-one had ever offered me an explanation for. It wasn’t until much later in life that I realised there was a word for what I had experienced.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I realised there was a word for what I had experienced. Sorry… déjà vu… 😉

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