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The invisible man

the invisible man 150x150 The invisible manOne of my colleagues rides a motorbike (this is relevant as you will find out later) and as well as doing his normal job he has the added¬†responsibility of being our IT man.¬† If you have any IT problems, he’s the man to tell you to reboot your machine and check that everything’s plugged in properly. ūüėȬ† Every good company has an IT person and thank goodness for that.¬† In this modern age of computers, pencils and paper… and – wooooo!¬†–¬†pocket calculators¬†(What a time to be alive!) it’s easy to spend entire days tapping away¬†at a keyboard and¬†fighting with IT equipment.¬† At a previous company I worked at, the internet would “break” at least once a fortnight.¬† One time this led to an interesting lunchtime, where – shock horror – people actually had to talk to each other, almost as if we had forgotten how to…¬† Oftentimes I find people are afraid to talk or simply can’t be bothered.¬† The result of this is an overflowing inbox and surely a less productive and less sociable (or dare I say it, human) existence.

We humans are incredibly clever; it’s no co-incidence that we call ourselves homo sapiens, or “wise man”.¬† We are so clever, we have the ability to use tools to make our lives easier.¬† So clever in fact, that we can communicate complex concepts to one another and pass on our knowledge of tools to others.¬† Sorry if that sounded sarcastic – that was meant in a sincere way!¬† But every problem solved brings about a new one.¬† Email is one such example.¬† We invented a medium to improve global telecommunications and we abuse it to¬†a point where our ability to communicate is diminished.¬† We fix this problem by inventing social networking and as a result become more insular and spend our lives glued to computer screens away from other human beings.¬† This is the new “idiot box”.¬† I very rarely watch TV anymore, but will spend hours on the internet, blogging, reading up on PHP/CSS, checking the news, watching iPlayer, etc…¬† But I digress.

My colleague left his computer running to sort out some essential IT stuff, put on his motorcycle boots and left his office shoes by his desk.¬† This produced the curious illusion that he had turned invisible.¬† I chuckled, took a picture and returned to my computer screen, foaming at the mouth. ūüôā

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