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Chocflation (n)


The perception, either accurate or erroneous, that chocolate has got smaller over time.  This may be due to the person’s hands being bigger than when they were a child or perhaps because the chocolate in question has actually got smaller, such as the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars, which after the Great Recession of 2008-2010 and the subsequent fragile recovery actually reduced in weight from 140g (or whatever it was) to 100g (or whatever it is) whilst continuing to be sold at the same price.


Chocflation is a portmanteau of chocolate and inflation.

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A Different Perspective

20101010 Front Door Lock 2 300x225 A Different PerspectiveHaving blogged about the front door lock in Born to be grumpy I noticed the other half of the lock on the door jamb. Well, it’s a just a bit of metal with a “sticky-out” bit and a couple of holes – so what? Then I rotated my head (or rather, mentally rotated the image) by 90 degrees and found what appeared to be a builder wearing a hard hat. It’s funny how your perception of things can be very different from one moment to the next. It kind of reminds me of the Young Girl/Old Woman optical illusion: Look at it from a slightly different perspective and suddenly you see the face. Can you spot the elephant in the photograph? No, nor me! There probably isn’t one.

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