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Kopi Luwak

20130911 Starbucks Coffee Grinder Face 150x150 Kopi LuwakJen from London sent in this image.  It is a photograph of a photograph.  Jen says, “The picture is a photo I took of a sign on the side of a  drive thru, yes, drive thru, Starbucks shop. At Stansted airport. Are there copyright issues here??”

Well, I’d say they are getting free advertising out of this…  I have never heard of a coffee drive thru/drive through…  That’s pretty lazy, yet very convenient.  I wonder if they sell Kopi Luwak.  On my home planet we have something similar called Aqh’KapoH.  It’s basically Vaxian coffee beans eaten by blue Vaxians.  We superior red Vaxians hunt them down and slaughter them, grind up their bodies and make a drink out of the blue powder.  It’s disgusting but a lot of fun to make for all the family!

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G’day Mate

20130629 Fosters Lager Ad Face 150x150 Gday MateJen sent in another picture, this time taken from the Foster’s lager advert.  She writes:

"G'day mate. 

Now Vic, I don't know if this is good enough for you but I photographed this off of 4OD. It's the Fosters lager advert. 

I can see a little face in the tube thing by the man in the blue and red t-shirt. 

Can you see it?  Also, if you can see it, can u turn the photo around? I can't bloody do it!!

So slap it on the barbie, Sheila!"

Actually, if you look to the far left of the picture you can see another face... I can, anyway...

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Cute and Silly

20130516 MK1 Ford Escort Face 150x150 Cute and SillyJen sent in another picture.  This one is a bit tricky because it’s quite small.  Have a look at it for a few seconds and see if you can spot it…  Found it yet?  Jen writes:

“Can you see a little face in this photo? It’s a pic of the underneath of a rusty old MK1 Escort.

Me and Sal think its cute…. Most probably because we’re silly emotional girls.”

Nothing wrong with being silly and emotional.  The man used to own an old Ford Fiesta and it was a rusty little piece of… metal.  The sills kept corroding and it needed welding done to the underside every year.  But the car paid for itself when the man got seconded to Reading. 40 pence per mile adds up; at least it did back in the day.

Nice one Jen and Sal!

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Vehicle Face

20120917 Little Vehicle Face 150x150 Vehicle FaceJennie sent me an email saying that one of her friends had seen her mention my website (and me, Vic) on Facebook.  Jen writes:

“Vic. This was spotted by a friend: Gary, who is not one of your Facebook friends but obviously hears me talking about you and iseefaces, as out of the blue he sent me this photo.

Make of it what you will.”

I think it’s great! It’s a little vehicle of some description – maybe a forklift truck or something you might find on a construction site.  The man would know; he’s a Structural Engineer.  Thanks very much Jen.  You are now our unofficial London correspondent!

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Say Cheese!

20120403 Kiev Cheese Sandwich Lunch Face 150x150 Say Cheese!Hello, it’s Vic here. The editor has been a bit busy (read: lazy) lately, what with starting a new job and all that. He’s not going to be writing any lengthy articles for the time being, so you’ll have to put up with me.

This face was sent in by _usha_ from Kiev, Ukraine.  It’s a very good one – very cheesy and all that.  I wonder if that’s its photo face…

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