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Lock Face

20130629 Lock Face 150x150 Lock FaceHello all! Apologies for the  lack of updates; the man had some IT issues and his laptop hasn’t been working properly for a while, meaning I couldn’t edit submitted photographs.  Anyway, we’re back in business and here is a picture sent in by the Nicotra family.  There was no accompanying email but there appears to be a cylinder lock with a couple of screws.  Is it a door lock?  Is it something else??  Who knows… but it’s mouth is slightly open and its lower jaw detached from its face like a Canadian in South Park. 🙂  And he has a bit of a Redneck tooth going on.

Thanks very much for your submission! 🙂

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The Scream

20130507 Recaro car seat scream face 150x150 The ScreamI have to confess I have sucked bags at uploading photographs lately.  The man has spent a lot of time with his girlfriend lately and also left the country for a few days to meet some family and friends in The Netherlands.  I have basically had the flat to myself a lot and have done very little.  I have raided the man’s fridge several times, watched Babestation (humans are disgusting) and generally not got round to posting pictures.  Anyway, Jennie sent in a picture ages ago, so here it is.  She wrote:

“Does this look like a face? It’s a Recaro car seat. A bit like a cream Scream mask from the film Scream!”  It’s a really good one, complete with nose and all.  Apologies for the delay Jen… I suck… bags.

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Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

20120621 O2 Academy Bristol Door Velvet Rope 150x150 Heaven Knows Im Miserable Now

I was messing around with the Editor’s phone to see if there were any saucy texts or pictures on it.  Sadly the only sauce I found was actual sauce in photographs of various bits of food he’s been cooking lately.

As well as that, I found this picture apparently taken at the O2 Academy in Bristol.  He recently went there with his friend Jon to see a Smiths tribute band called (wait for it…)The Smyths.  Much fun was had and the guy’s voice was said to have been pretty good.

This picture was taken in the stairwell leading up to the small room upstairs where the gig was held.  It shows a door cordoned off with a velvet rope.  Contrary to what the post title suggests, the door is smiling.  Heaven knows I’m happy now.

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