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I See Faces and so does Greg James

20120211 Crying Baboon Face Bathroom Door 150x150 I See Faces and so does Greg James

Dan from Cornwall sent in a picture of his bathroom door, showing a face of a crying baboon.  It’s a beauty and the story behind it is equally intriguing and totally insane, you wouldn’t believe it.

On Tuesday last week I was on my way from Bristol to Cornwall on business, passing through Hayle.  Sometime earlier in the day I had noticed an email notification come up on my phone as I was driving.  The sender was Dan and the email subject read “Crying Baboon”.  I thought it was a friend of mine sending me a funny link – you know, the chain emails that get send round – and thought nothing of it.

As I entered Hayle from the north I noticed a few shops and some of the names registered as I drove along the waterfront and reminisced about a holiday in Hayle a couple of years ago.

Anyone familiar with the town will know the car park adjacent the old railway viaduct near the old castle – the site of a former gas works, I believe.  I parked up to devour my home-made dietetic lunch of gluten-free Edam and pickle sandwiches before continuing my journey.

Greg James

Later that day when I got home I had a good look at the email on my laptop and noticed that the email address contained the name of a shop.  Not just any shop – it was one that I had noticed driving through Hayle earlier.

It transpired that Dan was based in Hayle, I had probably driven past him twice earlier in the day and he had been listening to Greg James on Radio 1.  I had never heard of Greg James, as I haven’t listened to Radio 1 for over a decade but he was running a feature on spotting faces in object.  On checking my web stats I noticed a huge spike in traffic and a doubling of baseline traffic all week.

Do you see faces?

So, it seems I have been piggybacking on a surge of people searching for the term “I See Faces” on Google.  Vic Suckerbag is exteremely happy.  If you have seen faces in objects, send them in and I will post them on here.

Happy snapping!

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