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Cute and delicious

20130908 Door Parrot Face 150x150 Cute and deliciousAnimals are interesting in that they are both cute and delicious.  As a Vaxian I don’t care too much where my food has come from; I crash landed on a strange blue planet and I had to survive, so I made myself eat whatever I could find on the floor… or in the man’s fridge.    Edwin sent in this picture of a door parrot.  It’s interesting how animals manifest themselves in the home, in places you’d least expect.  Finding mice, cockroaches or silverfish is quite common but random parrots?  Maybe on board a pirate ship…  I had a Varrot on board my space ship; it’s like a Vaxian parrot.  I taught him Vaxian swear words.  It has to be done, otherwise you might as well keep a chicken!

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