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Lunar Eclipse

20130525 Hand towel dispenser face 150x150 Lunar EclipseHello all, I got a very nice email from a friendly chap called Bryan from Watford.  He spotted this face somewhere and wrote:

“Here is a picture of a hand towel dispenser which looks like a face. It reminds me of Stoppit and Tidyup, a daft cartoon from the 80s.

Please post it on your site, or my lifes work will have been for nothing, and I’ll be forced to go and live on the moon.”

Apparently there’s supposed to be a lunar eclipse today… or maybe yesterday.  Either way, that’s when the moon turns red.  Human scientists will tell you it’s to do with planet Earth casting a shadow over the Moon but we Vaxians can confirm that the moon actually turns red due to a Vaxian convention taking place.  We love red.  We are red.  We hate Hoovers and Dysonoids.  Thanks Bryan!!!

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Do Canadians Really Have Flapping Heads?

20130322 Windscreen Washer Flappy Mouth Face 150x150 Do Canadians Really Have Flapping Heads?Ever watched South Park?  You’ll have noticed all Canadians have flapping heads and beady eyes.  When I first landed on Planet Earth I knew nothing about humans and after I watched South Park I truly believed all Canadians had flappy mouths.  But then I discovered this primitive thing you call the “Internet” and found out that it’s all lies.

This picture was sent in by Jen.  It’s a windscreen washer and it reminds me of flappy-mouthed Canadians in South Park.  It’s a good one.  In the words of Borat, “I liiiike”.

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I “saw” a face! Geddit?

20130203 Mitre Gauge Table Saw Face 150x150 I saw a face! Geddit?Gav sent in this picture of the mitre gauge on his table saw.  He was pretty excited, writing the following.



 Mitre gauge thingy on my table saw. Winnage.”
It’s a very good one but he obviously missed an opportunity for a cracking pun.  Thankfully planet Earth has me, your favourite Vaxian, good old Vic!  I don’t usually blow my own trumpet, because I’m not very good at it; you might say I suck bags…
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Like a Sir

20120417 Face Like a Sir 150x150 Like a SirYou know the internet meme “like a Sir”?  Sam sent in this picture of some bracket holding up some shit or other… like a Sir.  It’s pretty amazing.  We don’t have brackets like this on my home planet because my planet’s gravitational field is weaker than that of planet Earth; things just stay up with minimal effort.

One thing that came crashing down this week is Aquascutum. I’d never heard of it and actually had to do a double take.  I read it as “aqua-scrotum” and thought it was a disease of the testicles.  Every day’s a school day.


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