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When’s a beam not a beam? When it’s a metaphor…

20101109 Pub Beam Strap Gagged Man 300x225 Whens a beam not a beam?  When its a metaphor...Pubs can be nice places to meet friends over food and drink and be merry. Some of the old timber beams can be interesting and they add character to an old pub. Look more closely at one of the supporting brackets, however, and there is something more sinister going on. A man has been gagged and is suffering in silence – in silence, for he cannot speak. Down below are people having fun. Some may be aware of his existence, others may not. In a way it is a metaphor for the divide between the “haves” and “have-nots” or the super-rich and the ordinary hard-working citizen. They sit side-by-side in society. The banking system and super rich tax-dodging businessmen are two examples. Or maybe it’s just a beam.

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Smoking: a cool image?

20101101 Cool Smoking Face 300x225 Smoking: a cool image?Before the smoking ban came into force I don’t remember seeing these bins outside pubs much. I’m not a smoker myself, though I have enjoyed the odd cigar in the past – inside pubs, of course. On the one hand I think the ban has taken some of the atmosphere aware from bars, but on the other hand smoking is unhealthy and it is probably for the better. Rights and wrongs and politics aside, the design of this particular bin is striking, in that it looks vaguely like a “cool dude” wearing sunglasses with a fag in its mouth. Whether by design, or by accident, it’s a face nonetheless.

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