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Le Jacques Merde absolutement…

Car pedals 150x150 Le Jacques Merde absolutement...I thought it would be cool to do another update of I Spy – a feature that I have neglected somewhat.¬† As with the I See Faces feature, there are plenty of pictures to come – it’s just finding the time to update the site as well as tweaking the¬†layout as traffic and content increases.¬†¬†¬†And then, of course, there’s my day job and social life…¬† I spend at least 10 hours a week of my life commuting (by train), which doesn’t help matters,¬†but I see it as¬†my “thinking” time.¬† OK, so in reality I do little thinking and either stare gormlessly into space or read the news on my phone.¬† Quite often I prefer the former, as I’ll have spent the whole day staring at a computer screen… and maybe¬†a little bit of staring gormlessly into space as well.¬† It’s my thinking face…

Quite often I’ll be out of the office, driving to undisclosed locations to carry out site visits.¬† Other times I’ll drive to Wales (or W-Land, as someone¬†I know “affectionately” ūüôā¬†referred¬†¬†to it recently – Mmmm, pic’n’mix…) to represent the company I work for at meetings.¬† I drive a lot of¬†hire cars, which can be interesting, as I seem to get a different make and model every time.¬† But I’ve written about this many times before so I’ll spare you the agony of Abraham Simpson-style repetition.

Well, this feature is about “seeing things in things that aren’t the thing that I can see in the thing in question”…¬† What?¬† I said, “seeing things in things that aren’t the thing that I can see in the thing in question” – simples. ūüôā¬† So, what¬†can you see?¬† What¬†do I see?¬†

I spy a remote control car pedals 300x225 Le Jacques Merde absolutement...


Why it’s a set of pedals in the foot well of a hire car I was driving recently.¬† It was a mod new one with only a few hundred miles on the clock.¬† At this point I have to confess¬†I know “le Jacques Merde absolutement” about cars, but I do like making up my own mock French. ūüôā¬† Zoom in on the pedals and it looks like a remote control.¬† Was I driving the world’s biggest remote controlled car?

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Go-go-gadget remote control!

20110217 Remote control happy face 150x150 Go go gadget remote control!I need a new compact camera because¬†the one on¬†my¬†phone is pretty useless and produces grainy images.¬† I don’t blame it –¬†it’s a phone and “smart” though it may be, it’s not¬†designed to be a camera, unlike my D-SLR, which obviously is.¬† If I had two of them and tied a piece of string around both, they might work as a primitive phone, rather like baked bean cans.¬† But it would be rubbish.

Gadgets can come in handy: I have been caught out battery-less with a proper camera on site and have had to rely on my smart phone.¬† But sometimes they try to cram too many features into things.¬† I once read that on average, people only use 25% of a gadget’s features and 42.9% of statistics are made up. (Ah, that old chestnut…)¬† Seriously though, the trouble with having all gadgets combined into one is that you inevitably¬†suffer a loss in quality.¬† A 10-in-one super-gadget can never be as good as 10¬†devices individually.¬† What if you took 10 devices and stuck them together?¬† You’d have a very expensive, very heavy lump of metal and plastic… enough said.

Photography is one of my hobbies and I own a D-SLR, but SLRs can be a bit unwieldy and conspicuous – especially for snapshots to be published on the internet.¬† For example, I was on the train home earlier and a lady had a trolley suitcase, which she put up on the empty seat next to her.¬† Suddenly I saw a beautiful face.¬† And there was one on the bottom of the suitcase as well… [tumbleweed]¬† Situations like these lend themselves to a bit more subtlety, something a bit less obvious than an SLR, but still capable of capturing high quality images: a compact camera.¬† In retrospect, I¬†could have just asked her for permission to photograph it; it¬†might have¬†been a good ice breaker… ūüėČ

A few years ago my brother kindly gave me a ¬£50 voucher for a well-known highstreet camera retailer. (Jess.. [cough-cough]…ps – That’ll be ¬£100 off my next purchase, please…)¬† The problem with these highstreet¬†retailers is that the price tag is probably ¬£50 higher than on the internet so you’re no better off.¬† How these shops survive is a mystery to me.¬† The only good use I have found for them is to “try” before you buy (but not from them).¬† You get to feel the build quality, weight and ergonomics before you buy online.

On the subject of electronics, the object in the picture is a remote control.¬† It was taken at my friend’s house.¬† It has a nice smile.¬† Its siblings were¬†torn up by a wild dog… or abducted by aliens – I forget…

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Remote Control

20100919 Remote Control 225x300 Remote ControlDon’t you hate doing chores around the house? Well, I certainly do and if you don’t, you’re more than welcome to come down and help me out! Ha! Well, I was doing some cleaning and the remote control for my Sagem Freeview box fell on the floor, exposing its face. It seemed to be unhappy for some reason. Maybe because I just dropped it on the floor.

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