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Docklands Robot

20121104 Docklands light railway robot face 150x150 Docklands RobotA new face spotter in London by the name of Marc sent me this picture of one of those thingies “wot” holds rails in place.  It’s on the DLR, or Docklands Light Railway, in London and Marc sees a robot.  I do too!

I love robots because they are not human.  That’s why I love cats.  I know humans feed both cats and Vaxians but I don’t don’t like the way the man always stamps on my eye.  It does turn me on – but only because it’s my power switch.  Great spot Marc!  If you find more please send them in and spread the love!

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Reader Submission: Liam

Scart Face 150x150 Reader Submission: LiamThis little gem is a scart extension socket and was found by a reader, Liam behind his TV.  He says, “Looks like a face with eyes and has a mouth that is showing its teeth.”

It kind of reminds me of Bender from Futurama, or some other android.  For some reason I never really got into Futurama…

Oh bless me!  As I was typing I had a sneezing fit!  Must be that time of the year.  I don’t know about you, but always find sneezing very satisfying.

Thanks for the picture Liam!  Keep them coming and remember to follow us on Twitter: @iseefaces_co_uk and Facebook to get live updates. 🙂

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