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I See Faces and so does Greg James

20120211 Crying Baboon Face Bathroom Door 150x150 I See Faces and so does Greg James

Dan from Cornwall sent in a picture of his bathroom door, showing a face of a crying baboon.  It’s a beauty and the story behind it is equally intriguing and totally insane, you wouldn’t believe it.

On Tuesday last week I was on my way from Bristol to Cornwall on business, passing through Hayle.  Sometime earlier in the day I had noticed an email notification come up on my phone as I was driving.  The sender was Dan and the email subject read “Crying Baboon”.  I thought it was a friend of mine sending me a funny link – you know, the chain emails that get send round – and thought nothing of it.

As I entered Hayle from the north I noticed a few shops and some of the names registered as I drove along the waterfront and reminisced about a holiday in Hayle a couple of years ago.

Anyone familiar with the town will know the car park adjacent the old railway viaduct near the old castle – the site of a former gas works, I believe.  I parked up to devour my home-made dietetic lunch of gluten-free Edam and pickle sandwiches before continuing my journey.

Greg James

Later that day when I got home I had a good look at the email on my laptop and noticed that the email address contained the name of a shop.  Not just any shop – it was one that I had noticed driving through Hayle earlier.

It transpired that Dan was based in Hayle, I had probably driven past him twice earlier in the day and he had been listening to Greg James on Radio 1.  I had never heard of Greg James, as I haven’t listened to Radio 1 for over a decade but he was running a feature on spotting faces in object.  On checking my web stats I noticed a huge spike in traffic and a doubling of baseline traffic all week.

Do you see faces?

So, it seems I have been piggybacking on a surge of people searching for the term “I See Faces” on Google.  Vic Suckerbag is exteremely happy.  If you have seen faces in objects, send them in and I will post them on here.

Happy snapping!

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Lord of the Pies

20110427 Demonic Cornish Pasty 150x150 Lord of the Pies

Bought sandwiches are full of fat and are expensive.  But is there a convenient way to eat healthy food?

A couple of days ago I wrote about the Royal Wedding (Kate someone and Bill something or other… 😉 ) and mentioned the variety of memorabilia that are on sale, which included sick bags and pies.  A close cousin of the pie is the pasty.  They are both pastry-based foodstuffs, yet they look different.  And I have just caught myself unnecessarily increasing the word count of this article by stating the bleeding obvious.  I call it nihilwafflication.

There is a nice pasty shop on the high street in the town in Wiltshire where I work. Their pasties are delicious, albeit a bit expensive.  I had a sudden craving for them recently, possibly to do with the sudden change in temperature.


Have you ever noticed how your appetite for certain foods varies with the seasons and the weather?  Maybe not, but I for one don’t find fresh fruit and vegetables particularly appealing in the winter or when it is cold.  Perhaps this is because vegetables, like cucumbers and tomatoes (technically not a vegetable but a fruit), are kept in the fridge and make you feel cold.

People often speak of good and bad foods, but surely no food is that bad if eaten in moderation.  Pies and pasties are definitely not foods I would eat every day, as they are not just bad for you but actually evil.  More on this later…

Packed lunch

I have recently taken to making my own lunch again after a prolonged period of buying ready made sandwiches, sushi, pasta, pasties and other such expensive junk.  This is mostly in a drive to eat more healthily and as an added bonus, it is cheaper.  Most bought sandwiches contain shocking amounts of fat, usually in the form of mayonnaise and some actually contain more calories than a Big Mac (although interestingly the calorific value of the latter varies by country).  I recently read McDonald’s were paying rappers for dropping the word “Big Mac” into their “songs”.  So, Mr Kroc (he’s dead, I know), that’ll be £100 please.  Paypal preferred! 😉

Yesterday I was talking to my colleague about the nuisance of making packed lunches and he told me his secret.  He usually buys bread, cheese and peanut butter (I did question the combination, but apparently it is delicious) and makes one humongous batch of sandwiches out of the entire loaf, putting them all back in the original bag and freezing the lot.  Apparently if you take out your day’s lunch in the morning it will be defrosted by lunchtime.  The only drawback is that you can’t have cucumber or any other vegetables whose cell membranes are ruptured in the freezer.  But there’s nothing stopping you slicing fresh cucumber and adding it on the day.  This has the added benefit that your bread doesn’t go soggy.

So there you have it, free culinary tips dispensed by John (not his real name) to Vic, to you.  Who’d have thunk it!  Is there nothing Vic Suckerbag won’t do? 

Lord of the Pies

This bad boy in the photograph is a delicious Cornish Pasty – or it might even have been a steak and stilton pasty.  Whatever it was, it is now a part of me.  Reiterating what I said above, it is not a bad food – nay, it is pure evil: it is one bad-ass mo fo!  Forget the Lord of the Flies, this is the evil Lord of the Pies.  Eat too many and they will haunt you and cling onto you, only to let go after vigorous exercise. 

Anyone for a frozen cheese and peanut butter sandwich?

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What’s it all for…?

20101102 Wheelie Bin Looking Pensive 300x225 Whats it all for...?I was on my lunch break and was engaged in thought, clasping my sandwich in one hand and mobile phone in the other. “I must start making my own sandwiches,” I thought. It’s amazing how a market has evolved around people being too busy (or in my case lazy… maybe) to make their own packed lunch. It’s almost like a vicious circle: we’re too busy to make lunch, therefore we buy lunch, which is more expensive. We work longer hours so we can afford to buy the sandwich, which leaves us with less time to make sandwiches… Okay, perhaps not strictly true with sandwiches, but I do think the general principle holds true – to an extent.  A friend of mine does a joke about vicious circles, which is kind of cute…

I returned to reality with a crash, as I saw what appeared to be a Gromit-like face looking back at me pensively, as if it was mocking me. It was part of the hinge mechanism of a large wheelie bin.

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