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Le Jacques Merde absolutement…

Car pedals 150x150 Le Jacques Merde absolutement...I thought it would be cool to do another update of I Spy – a feature that I have neglected somewhat.  As with the I See Faces feature, there are plenty of pictures to come – it’s just finding the time to update the site as well as tweaking the layout as traffic and content increases.   And then, of course, there’s my day job and social life…  I spend at least 10 hours a week of my life commuting (by train), which doesn’t help matters, but I see it as my “thinking” time.  OK, so in reality I do little thinking and either stare gormlessly into space or read the news on my phone.  Quite often I prefer the former, as I’ll have spent the whole day staring at a computer screen… and maybe a little bit of staring gormlessly into space as well.  It’s my thinking face…

Quite often I’ll be out of the office, driving to undisclosed locations to carry out site visits.  Other times I’ll drive to Wales (or W-Land, as someone I know “affectionately” 🙂 referred  to it recently – Mmmm, pic’n’mix…) to represent the company I work for at meetings.  I drive a lot of hire cars, which can be interesting, as I seem to get a different make and model every time.  But I’ve written about this many times before so I’ll spare you the agony of Abraham Simpson-style repetition.

Well, this feature is about “seeing things in things that aren’t the thing that I can see in the thing in question”…  What?  I said, “seeing things in things that aren’t the thing that I can see in the thing in question” – simples. 🙂  So, what can you see?  What do I see? 

I spy a remote control car pedals 300x225 Le Jacques Merde absolutement...


Why it’s a set of pedals in the foot well of a hire car I was driving recently.  It was a mod new one with only a few hundred miles on the clock.  At this point I have to confess I know “le Jacques Merde absolutement” about cars, but I do like making up my own mock French. 🙂  Zoom in on the pedals and it looks like a remote control.  Was I driving the world’s biggest remote controlled car?

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A Different Perspective Part 2

20101013 Fridge Door Handle 300x225 A Different Perspective Part 2In my previous post, A Different Perspective, I talked about tilting my head to reveal an image of a face where otherwise the image didn’t exist. Well, I spent the next two days walking around with a tilted head. Nah, that’s a lie. I wish I had, though. Imagine the looks you’d get from people and then having to explain that you’ve been “seeing things” and you’re “looking for faces”. Hmmm… yes… This whole thing reminded me of a conversation I once had with my brother (I think). It went along the lines of: if you’re lying down on the sofa watching TV, why do you still perceive the image to be the right way up? To be honest, I’d never thought about it, nor noticed it before and wondered what would happen if you put the TV on its side so its “up” was the same as your own “up” lying down. I’m pleased to say I’ve never been bored enough to try it… The face? It’s a fridge door handle. He’s happy. Enough said.

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First Great Western Train

20100923 Fold Down Tray 300x225 First Great Western TrainOn my daily commute to work on the train I tend to surf the web on my phone, read the news and obsessively refresh my Facebook news feed – not that much ever changes at that hour as most people are asleep or, like me, commuting to work… All that staring at my tiny Nokia E71 screen makes my eyes sore and I start seeing things when I occasionally rest my eyes. The other day I saw a fish-like creature in the fold-down tray in front of me with its mouth slightly open, as if to say, “Feed me! Feed me! I’m hungry!” Only thing is, if you try to feed it you ruin your trousers. Needless to say I didn’t. Hmmm…

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