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Singing Man gets thrown out of Empty Bar

Man thrown out of bar video thumbnail 150x150 Singing Man gets thrown out of Empty BarThis video was taken over a year ago when I was out with some colleagues.  It was our annual office Christmas dinner.  After the meal a small group of us lost everyone else, for reasons I can’t quite remember (not alcohol-related amnesia, I hasten to add – simply because it’s not important).  I think it was something to do with having to get cash out and arranging to meet everyone in a particular bar.  When we eventually got there we found the place to be near enough empty.  There was one man, who was evidently smashed off his nut and started singing his rendition of What’s up? by 4 Non-Blondes at the top of his voice.  He did a funny little dance and jiggle with it, too!  One of the customers in the bar had the right idea and the end result was pretty funny.

Every effort has been made to conceal the identity of everyone.  If you recognise yourself in the video and wish for the video to be removed please get in touch.  You will need to verify that you are the person in the video by providing your full name and location where you think this video was taken.

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