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Sleeping Stapler

20120717 Stapler face 150x150 Sleeping StaplerJohn sent in this photograph of his office stapler!  The stapler appears to be asleep, totally oblivious to the fact that it has just been opened up.

I wish I could sleep at work… Actually, I don’t really work.  I just sleep in the airing cupboard all day and when I am put to work, it’s more of a feeding frenzy.  I hate it how humans call me a vacuum cleaner though.  That’s a dirty word…

Thanks again John!

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Born to be grumpy

20101010 Front Door Lock 300x225 Born to be grumpyI came home from a night out the other day and opened the front door to my flat and noticed a rather grumpy looking face staring back at me, as if to say, “What time do you call this?! Close that door and let me get back to sleep!” Fair enough, it was about 1am. Turns out that’s the face it always pulls, even when I checked back the next morning. Maybe I just happened to catch him napping because I had so rudely interrupted his sleep the night before. Maybe he’s just perpetually grumpy; some people are just like that. Then again, maybe it’s just a bit of metal and a couple of screws… 🙂

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Cockney Rhyming Slang

20101004 Sleeping Stapler 300x225 Cockney Rhyming SlangHave you noticed how staplers are such wasters? They sleep all day – just like cats, except cats are cute and fluffy. Hmm… just thinking about that: Stapler… waster…. stapler…. waster. Sounds like it could be Cockney rhyming slang: Allo Gov’na, just spoke to Pete on the dog ‘n’ bone. E’s gonna be late again. ‘E overslept. ‘E’s such a stapler!

Maybe not.

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