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A man of integrity

20110116 Two faced Hole Punch 300x225 A man of integrityEverybody hates two-faced people.  Everybody has encountered someone at one point in their lives that has been two-faced.  Sometimes it is done for the sake of diplomacy, saying one thing in public and something else in private, in order not to hurt someone’s feelings.  It’s a way of maintaining peace, harmony and cohesion within and between social groups, like telling white lies for the greater good… or something.  I am by no means a social scientist and only speak from experience.  I find human interactions fascinating because of the complexities.  This can sometimes be frustrating, however.  Wouldn’t it be much easier if we could just say it like it is?  Would we become less human as a result?  Would we end up punching holes in each other?   I beg your pardon?  The reason I ask…

This hole punch has appeared in a previous post entitled “A bodge job to be proud of…“, and when I turned it over I found a second face on the underside, the expression the same as on the top.  This little guy is two-faced but his public face is the same as his private (hidden) face.  He is a man of integrity.

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