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Lock Face

20130629 Lock Face 150x150 Lock FaceHello all! Apologies for the  lack of updates; the man had some IT issues and his laptop hasn’t been working properly for a while, meaning I couldn’t edit submitted photographs.  Anyway, we’re back in business and here is a picture sent in by the Nicotra family.  There was no accompanying email but there appears to be a cylinder lock with a couple of screws.  Is it a door lock?  Is it something else??  Who knows… but it’s mouth is slightly open and its lower jaw detached from its face like a Canadian in South Park. 🙂  And he has a bit of a Redneck tooth going on.

Thanks very much for your submission! 🙂

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A colourful character

20120901 Crayola crayons pack frown face 150x150 A colourful characterRyan from Bristol sent in this picture.  It is a box of Crayola crayons and it’s frowning.  I don’t know why because he’s such a bright, happy, colourful character normally.  So full of brightness and sharp pointy things.  Maybe they are hurting his insides…

They say not to judge a book by its cover and so one shouldn’t judge someone’s character by their face.  I look like I’m in a permanent state of shock but I’m not!  That’s my relaxed face when I’m listening to the fridge humming – music to my ears!

Thanks for your submission Ryan!

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This Little Piggy

20120708 Blister toe panda face 150x150 This Little Piggy

It’s not often the man gets pictures of body parts texted to him… I found this face submission on his phone.  It was sent in by Erin Fellini and if you think that’s a great name you’d be right… but it’s a pseudonym.

Erin says, “The black is from my shoe dye leaking in the rain, but I see a face! My blister looks like a panda!”  Okay, no need to shout – I’m not blind!  Well, I shouldn’t be reading the man’s texts really but I don’t care…

Nice one Erin!

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