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Fire in its belly

20110112 Lantern Snowman1 225x300 Fire in its bellyI was at a friend’s house last weekend and spotted a little lantern on the floor, filling a void where a fireplace used to be.  It looks slightly Christmassy, which is funny, because I’m sure it’s always been there – even in the summer.  Despite this, I’ve never really paid much attention to it, as it is a pretty innocuous looking object.  As you can see it’s made out of sheet metal and has star-shaped holes punched in the top and sides, is about 15cm tall and receives tea light candles.  When viewed from above the whole assembly looks a bit like a snowman.

How come I never saw the face?  Maybe the launch of this website suddenly gave him the desire to be posted on here and be famous – a fire in its belly to be noticed.  It wasn’t lit though…

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