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Tablets, tablets, tablets

20140117 Toy tablet face 150x150 Tablets, tablets, tabletsRemember when computers were physically big and any portable device was also big and¬†pretty rubbish and could only store addresses and memos?¬† Remember the time before mobile phones became mainstream?¬† Those days were interesting.¬† How did we ever organise anything?¬† We would have to use our landline phones to call each other and then meet at an agreed time and place and you would simply have to be there.¬† No bailing out at the¬†last minute.¬† You would have to stick together in a crowd or risk losing each other.¬† The man remembers going to a theme park in the late 80s with his parents and another family with two daughters and they lost one of the girls.¬†¬†The parents had given each of their girls a car key and told them that if they lost us, they should go to the car and wait there.¬† Worried as the parents were at their daughter’s apparent disappearance, we all went back to the car park and there¬†was the¬†girl,¬†inside the car.

Nowadays kids have computers, mobile phones and so on and they use them quite intuitively.¬† This picture is the back of a kids’ toy; a pretend tablet.¬† When the man was a kid, tablets were things you took when you were sick.¬† Thanks for the picture, Sal!

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