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The ravages of time

paulina pistachio 150x150 The ravages of timeI quite like pistachios but they are a pain to eat.  In general I don’t like food that has bits in it, around it or anything that hampers my ability to eat it.  That said, I’m not a fussy eater and will eat most things.  I prefer boneless chicken and fish… GM to the rescue! 🙂 Of course that’s not what I meant…

Back on the subject of pistachios, I hate it when they haven’t cracked open properly and when you try to take the shell off you end up stabbing yourself under your thumbnail.  That ‘kin hurts.  Sometimes you dive into the bag and find shells that have cracked open too far and the actual edible bit has fallen out.  What you are left with is Paulina.  Paulina Pistachio is her full name.  You might think she looks like a slapper, heavily made up, but she has inner beauty…  Nah, what am I talking about, she’s an airhead – literally.  She once had inner goodness but she lost it.  The ravages of time… with a twist.

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