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That question again…

20101127 Tin Can Sticking Out Tongue 300x225 That question again...Sometimes I wonder whether product designers ever look at their creations and go, “Ha! It’s a face,” or whether they build faces into products deliberately, purely for fun. This particular design of can has a tab, negating the need for a tin opener – a can of baked beans, I believe. In its unopened state there is nothing special about the can, apart from its delicious content, but pull the tab and a cheeky face emerges. Cheeky? Or perhaps another “gaper”. What’s a gaper? That question has been asked and answered before, I believe… 😉

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Chew on this!

20101127 Scary Tin Opener 225x300 Chew on this!Ever tried opening a tin can with your teeth? No, nor me. Never had to, thanks to this little thing called a tin opener. Ever used your teeth to open a bottle? Again, never had to. But this cheeky little chappy has. It’s a combined tin and bottle opener with massive front teeth. He has opened many a bottle for me in the past: bottles of ale, cider and fruit juice to name but a few. He has a slightly psychopathic look in his eyes, either from a lifetime of opening bottles with his teeth, or maybe that’s the reason he opens bottles in this manner.

What would I do without a bottle opener… Why, I’d use a sword, of course!

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