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That question again…

20101127 Tin Can Sticking Out Tongue 300x225 That question again...Sometimes I wonder whether product designers ever look at their creations and go, “Ha! It’s a face,” or whether they build faces into products deliberately, purely for fun. This particular design of can has a tab, negating the need for a tin opener – a can of baked beans, I believe. In its unopened state there is nothing special about the can, apart from its delicious content, but pull the tab and a cheeky face emerges. Cheeky? Or perhaps another “gaper”. What’s a gaper? That question has been asked and answered before, I believe… 😉

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Pharmacy in the sky

20100917 Bottelinos Bedminster 300x225 Pharmacy in the sky I was on my way to Asda the other day and and looked up at the sky and noticed the tower of Bottelino’s Italian restaurant looking down at me. The slightly open round window makes it look like he’s got his mouth open, exposing his tongue. In the Netherlands they have stone or wooden figures with their mouths open outside pharmacies. They are called gapers. It kind of reminded me of that. Maybe it’s the entrance to a big pharmacy in the sky.

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