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A man of integrity

20110116 Two faced Hole Punch 300x225 A man of integrityEverybody hates two-faced people.  Everybody has encountered someone at one point in their lives that has been two-faced.  Sometimes it is done for the sake of diplomacy, saying one thing in public and something else in private, in order not to hurt someone’s feelings.  It’s a way of maintaining peace, harmony and cohesion within and between social groups, like telling white lies for the greater good… or something.  I am by no means a social scientist and only speak from experience.  I find human interactions fascinating because of the complexities.  This can sometimes be frustrating, however.  Wouldn’t it be much easier if we could just say it like it is?  Would we become less human as a result?  Would we end up punching holes in each other?   I beg your pardon?  The reason I ask…

This hole punch has appeared in a previous post entitled “A bodge job to be proud of…“, and when I turned it over I found a second face on the underside, the expression the same as on the top.  This little guy is two-faced but his public face is the same as his private (hidden) face.  He is a man of integrity.

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We all scream for ice-cream!

20101227 Hereford Station Lock Screaming 300x225 We all scream for ice cream!You know that painting by Edvard Munch called The Scream? I spotted a version of it at Hereford train station. This was the lock to the Customer Lounge, which on one of the coldest days of the year was locked! So I stood out in the cold for 20 minutes waiting for my connection. It was as if the lock was feeling the pain of me and my fellow passengers, screaming in solidarity. Or looking at it from our perspective, we were screaming by proxy! There were no real screams, as everyone was frozen stiff with snow beginning to melt all around us. One good thing about this time of the year is that you start noticing it staying lighter for longer. Bring on the spring! Bring on the summer! Let’s scream for ice-cream!

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Don’t worry. Be happy.

20101226 Vase 300x225 Dont worry.  Be happy.This is a foot stove at my parents’ house. They use it as a pedestal for a Chinese vase, which they have had for as long as I can remember. Well, not quite. It has four or five holes in the top but only the front two are visible, creating the illusion of a face with its mouth open, looking worried or unhappy. Why is it unhappy? Maybe it’s the weight of the vase pressing down on its head. In a way this is a metaphor for worrying about things that are precious to us, but in the grand scheme of things may not matter. They weigh us down and can cause mental and physical discomfort. I for one worry too much sometimes. What’s it all for? At the end of the day the vase is only worth something because we believe it. It is, after all, just a blob of ceramic. Don’t worry. Be happy. [cue: whistling]

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When’s a beam not a beam? When it’s a metaphor…

20101109 Pub Beam Strap Gagged Man 300x225 Whens a beam not a beam?  When its a metaphor...Pubs can be nice places to meet friends over food and drink and be merry. Some of the old timber beams can be interesting and they add character to an old pub. Look more closely at one of the supporting brackets, however, and there is something more sinister going on. A man has been gagged and is suffering in silence – in silence, for he cannot speak. Down below are people having fun. Some may be aware of his existence, others may not. In a way it is a metaphor for the divide between the “haves” and “have-nots” or the super-rich and the ordinary hard-working citizen. They sit side-by-side in society. The banking system and super rich tax-dodging businessmen are two examples. Or maybe it’s just a beam.

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Cry baby bunting…

20101005 Camera Case 300x225 Cry baby bunting...Whilst resting my eyes from the computer screen, trying to juggle an endless stream of emails and reinforced concrete design, I noticed the camera case looking unhappy. It’s not very clear in the picture (damn you Nokia E71 camera!) but it looks like a cute baby, except he’s not so cute, in that he’s crying. Are you hungry, little man?

Funnily enough as I am typing this, I’m listening to Last.fm and a smooth jazz version of Stevie Wonder’s song “Isn’t she lovely” came on, which started with baby sounds in the background. Incidentally, if you’re reading this, boss, I am typing this at home! 😉 Don’t pay too much attention to the blog timestamp – it’s back-dated to give my new blog some structure. It is actually 31 December 2010 today…

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A bodge job to be proud of…

20101004 Office Hole Punch 300x225 A bodge job to be proud of...What’s the saying about being busy and having an untidy desk? I somehow managed to tip over my hole punch at work, exposing its rather unhappy face. This particular item has suffered a lot of abuse from me already, which might explain it. One time I accidentally dropped it on the floor and the little adjustable plastic “jig” thing that allows you to punch holes dead centre snapped off. In true engineering fashion, I got a pencil and wrapped Sellotape around one end, which I rammed into the hole in the side. I then sealed the gap with Blu-tack. Now it’s as good as new, except it can only handle A4 and landscape A3. To be honest, I only ever use it for that anyway.

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Remote Control

20100919 Remote Control 225x300 Remote ControlDon’t you hate doing chores around the house? Well, I certainly do and if you don’t, you’re more than welcome to come down and help me out! Ha! Well, I was doing some cleaning and the remote control for my Sagem Freeview box fell on the floor, exposing its face. It seemed to be unhappy for some reason. Maybe because I just dropped it on the floor.

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