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May the 4th be with you

20110504 Darth Vader 150x150 May the 4th be with you

So today is unofficially Star Wars day, so to celebrate, here’s a little bit of waffle for you.

Today is the 4th of May, or May the Fourth; and may it be with you for the rest of today and beyond!  To celebrate I have attached a photograph of one of the little electrical outlets you see along the Floating Harbour in Bristol, England.  With a little imagination you will see a silhouette of Darth Vader.  Speaking of Star Wars characters, have you ever noticed that Margaret Beckett looks like Jar Jar Binks?  Do an image search and you’ll see what I mean.


AV Referendum 

I don’t normally do politics in my articles, but the Margaret Beckett reference prompted a mention of the Referendum on the Alternative Vote, or AV.  Tomorrow people in the UK get to decide whether or not we want fairer votes.  Whilst it’s still not as good as Proportional Representation, I believe it’s a good halfway house and a step in the right direction.

To those naysayers who go on about the principle of “one person, one vote”, I’d like to point out that under the current system not everyone’s vote is equal.  This is intuitive really, as everyone has heard of so-called safe seats, but it’s worth looking up “Voter Power Index” on the internet for information.

I’m not a militant yes-man (so to speak) and if anyone has any good, positive arguments for keeping the status quo, I’d like to hear from you.  All the arguments I have heard against AV have focused on negativity and scaremongering.  No-voters, please let me know your comments.  Vic Suckerbag is willing to learn (if there’s anything to learn on this matter) and I’m listening!  I may suck bags but I don’t bite or bark!


There will be more faces soon, but I have been a little bit busy…  In the meantime, please don’t forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook!

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Welcome aboard the train of thought

20110210 Unhappy Refuse Compactor 150x150 Welcome aboard the train of thoughtIt’s been a fairly long time since I last posted.  Apologies, I’ve been very busy at work and in my private life.  Busy is always a poor excuse people use when they can’t be bothered and I have to confess that I am guilty of it myself from time to time, though not on this occasion.  Have I really been too busy to post an update?  Have I really been too busy to reply to that email that I flagged last week?  Was she really too busy to reply to my text back in November?

When it comes to writing, emailing and texting I have different philosophies.  To me a text is an instantaneous thing: if I wanted a reply in three days I would have sent a letter.  Email is slightly less urgent, unless I am at work, where I am running projects worth several million pounds and if I don’t reply, no-one else will.  With social catch-up emails from friends my philosophy tends to be that I like to write something meaningful.  I might take a few days to reply, but it is not that I have been too busy – merely that I have been too busy to write something meaningful.  No-one is too busy to spare two minutes.  With report writing and blog posts I find I have to be “in the zone”, so to speak.  If you read my posts, they tend to be like word association: it is a simple photograph that sets the metaphorical train of thought in motion and I rarely know where I am going to end up and when.  A bit like real trains in this country then! :p  The point is, I can’t just knock something out in two minutes…

Enough waffle (mmm waffles…), what do you see?  I see a refuse compactor that I photographed at an undisclosed location the other day.  Look closely and it is unhappy about something.  Maybe the weight of the world has got her down. (Yes, I thought I’d arbitrarily assign a female gender to this face – equal opportunities and all that!)  Maybe she’s waiting for a text message that will never come…  Ha!  Maybe her head is so full of rubbish – junk thoughts – that she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going.  I can tell you now she’ll be moving somewhere else soon! 😉

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